Course curriculum

    1. VIDEO: Who is Chicago Votes

    2. TEXT: About Chicago Votes

    3. QUIZ: Who is Chicago Votes?

    1. VIDEO: Cook County Jail Votes Origin Story

    2. TEXT: CCJ Votes Origin Story

    3. QUIZ: How did CCJ Votes come to be?

    1. TEXT: Checklist to Enter the Jail

    2. TEXT: Dress Code

    3. TEXT: Prohibited Items Inside the Jail

    4. TEXT: A Note on Oppressive Language

    5. QUIZ: Best Practices for Volunteering in the Jail

    1. TEXT: Voting While Incarcerated

    2. TEXT: Volunteer Roles

    3. TEXT: The Form

    4. TEXT: The Voter Registration Process

    5. TEXT: Final Notes

    6. TEXT: COVID Precautions

    7. QUIZ: Voter Registration Inside CCJ

    8. CCJ Waivers and Clearance

About this course

  • The Cook County Jail Votes 101 training breaks down the processes and best practices for voter registration inside Cook County Jail.

Democracy works better when more people are involved.